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About us

Warmel company, established in 1948, is a manufacturer of household products made of plastics.

Currently our offer consists of more than 240 produts covering different range:

- kitchen products: bowls, strainers, funnels, colanders, trays, sink grid mats, drainboards for dish drainers;
- bathroom products: soap dishes, cups, hand brushes, clotheslines, plungers and
- other products: rain coats, car ice scrapers, boot trays.

Our products are made of high quality plastics and present original design.

The second area of our expertise is production of packagings made of hard foils PVC and PET. These are either tubes of any size of boxes of any shape and size. We offer our own shape design or follow the specific clients' ideas. These type of packaging is widely applied in many industries such as beauty products, candies, toys, office or technical products. Additionally we offer printing on the packagings.

You are welcome to get aquainted with our range of products and to dowload newest catalogue.